"we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories" au

Thor looked over to the man beside him, a bag of ice pressed to his nose as he looked around at the packed waiting room. Thor wiped away a thick trail of blood that was threatening to make it’s…



DUB CON is one of those things that’s not going to be for everyone and that’s entirely okay! As long as you label it properly, making it easy to avoid for those who don’t care for it, you’re good. And then those of us who really enjoy it can find it more easily, because I really love this trope, especially when it’s used to pry something real out of Loki, to put him in a position where he can’t deny what he feels, where Thor is that gorgeous mix of anger and love at the same time, putting a heavy hand on Loki so that he can’t turn away from Thor’s affection for him. Give me that always.

Shadow Plays by dreamlittleyo, thor/loki, NSFW, time loop, dub con, 24.4k

In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn’t know how to fix it.

Winter and Spring by Sinclair_Spirits, thor/loki, NSFW, some dub con aspects, some violence, jotunn!loki, arranged marriage, 62.5k wip

Loki is given to Thor by his brother as a ploy to gain Asgard’s army. Much political scheming and conspiracies ensue as Loki finally finds his place in life and in Thor’s heart.

Gold Hair and Lightning by blacktofade, thor/loki, NSFW, pregnant!loki, in heat!loki, dub-con, abuse issues, 17k

After the movie Loki is retrieved, but Odin declares he will either submit to his conditions or be exiled as mortal. The conditions are that Loki must marry Thor and bear his children. Thor agrees, not wanting to lose his brother, as does Loki, eventually, deep down wanting nothing more than the love and acceptance of his family (though he doesn’t believe he’ll ever get it). Thor is not told of Loki’s heritage or why he can bear children and assumes it to be something to do with his sorcery.

Spoils of War by Fickle_Obsessions, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, war prize!loki, dub con, rough sex, 9.8k

A Jotunheim born-and-raised Loki becomes Thor’s prize after a war with the frost giants. Thor is thoroughly smitten, which unfortunately means he’s not too keen to take the slow route. No, the path Thor take has a lot more hair pulling and it’s Loki doing the pulling.

Be Calm, Brother by Desade, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, some bondage, 2k

"Be calm, brother," Thor whispered into Loki’s ear, breathing in the familiar scent of sweat, magic and menace Loki always seemed to exude. "Be still. Hear me, if you would."

Make Me by Arkada, thor/loki, NSFW, dub-con, rough sex, bondage, bdsm, loki in chains, 4k

Thor loves Loki, but there is only one way Loki will allow him to show it.

A Symbol of Peace by bellacatbee, thor/loki, NSFW, dub-con, prize!loki, somewhat underage, 3.5k

Loki is the symbol of peace. He will be ravished by Thor in place of his kingdom. Only Loki does not want to be a symbol. An Alternate Universe where Loki is given to Thor to keep the peace between their homelands.

Custom by lies_d, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con/non con, jotunn!loki, 2.3k

Norsekink prompt based on ric951’s fanart. Thor and other highly-ranked noble Aesir have to prove their manhood by bedding a member of another race, the most difficult - and worthy - being a Jotun. Thor sets his sights on the sorcerous Prince of Jotunheim

untitled by rayemars [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW with NSFW artwork, jotunn!loki, dub con/non con, war prize!loki, 3.8k

The sorcerer turned to face him, a half-smirk on his face. “If you wished to strip me of my gold by hand, you should have done it in public. It would have made a better statement.”

Bedding the Wolf by leonidaslion, thor/loki + implied background thor/sif, NSFW, dub-con edging on non-con, 13.4k

If Sif thinks she’s going to get away with wedding Loki’s idiot brother, then she’s sorely mistaken…  OR Thor is smarter than Loki thinks he is…

Par Force De Chiens by Cazio, thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, 4.4k

AU : A half-century after the events of Thor, where Loki’s heritage was revealed but it never came to destroying the Bifrost or threatening Jotunheim, and the thunderer was never banished to Midgard. Thor has become king and Odin has passed. Thor has been gone for weeks, and Loki is growing impatient. When the mighty king finally arrives with his slain stag, he does not realize that his brother has been growing restless in his stead.

untitled by alighterwithlove [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, dub con, rough sex, NSFW artwork, ~1k

‘I would have you scream for me,’ says Thor, punctuating his words with a sharp thrust and a twist of hips at the downstroke, and Loki’s breath hitches before he’s moaning long and loudly behind the gag every time. ‘I would have you want this as you always have for this will not change.’

Possession by tailor31415, thor/loki, NSFW, some dub con, 3k

A brother is like another half of your soul. To Thor, that meant Loki was to be his everything, and he was to be everything to Loki.

full details + recs inside!

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A Very Practical Gift


It’s Loki’s super sweet 1600 and he’s been given the best present anyone could ask for: a Thor to do what he pleases with.

Features: bratty Jotunn!Loki with a vagina, a grumpy Thor that’s not much of a talker, bathtime fun, and basically an uncle giving his nephew a dildo for a birthday present.


The robe Loki wears is heavy and itches terribly. He shifts in his seat as his uncle strolls up to present his nameday gift. He bows deeply before Loki, giving his father, who has been standing off to the side for the majority of this so-called party, a respectful nod.

"Dear nephew, on this most special day I do not bring you jewels or finely crafted weapons," he pauses, giving Loki a smirk, "I bring you something more useful."

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zhusanna asked:

A little something for your drabble requests... Thor wants Loki to wear his helmet during sexy time ; )

pro-antagonist answered:

Warning: Thorki porn with just a teensy bit of roughness.

Notes: 2.5k words. This is the one where I had to get my Thor and Loki dolls involved to determine the plausibility of  … well, just read it. Helmet sex is tricky, and I didn’t want anyone to lose an eye.


Loki hardly recognized the reflection in the mirror. His new formal armor hugged his body like a second skin, the magic infused into it acquainting itself with its new master. Though every part of it was crafted according to his exact specifications, his eyes drifted upward again and again to his helmet, which was by far the centerpiece. He’d asked for horns in tribute to his father and grandfather, for their helmets were both constructed with this defining characteristic. But unlike theirs, Loki’s horns curled upward and back, and it gave him a menacing edge.

He met Thor’s eyes in the mirror’s reflection, hungry for validation that he’d made the right choice. “What do you think?”

Thor took measure of his brother’s appearance as he approached. There was something indecipherable in his gaze, as if he wasn’t entirely pleased to see Loki in armor at all.  “Hard to say. A bit ill-fitting in places.”

“That’s because it’s not finished.” Loki smoothed the front of his armor down and tried to imagine what it would look like once it was complete. The edges of the leather and fabric were still frayed and unrefined in places, not yet fully stitched together until he’d undergone this final fitting.

Thor made a skeptical sound in his throat and moved just behind Loki, who could feel his brother’s warmth even through the heavy material of his cape. “Some adjustments could be made,” Thor said. He placed one hand on Loki’s hip, his long fingers curling possessively around the hard jut of bone. His other hand came to rest on Loki’s lower stomach, just beneath the place where his breastplate ended and the soft give of fabric began. As his hand drifted purposefully downward, Thor said, “Right around here, I think.”

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Dear Sirs (gen) (9/19)


Original Prompt:

So Halloweentown, etc, do exist in conjunction with the world in RotG. They can be an alternate universe accessible through those trees, they can be a fusion (Santa is North, etc.), or the Pole is Christmastown, the Warren is Eastertown or something, whatever writernon likes.

After the events of Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown is out a Boogeyman. Not that an awful lot of residents are complaining, but it turns out he is fairly necessary, since he’s in charge of the fear that keeps you safe. So they need another one.

And, well… since they asked so nicely… who is Pitch to turn down an offer like that?

Can take place pre- or post-RotG. Even during, if authornon thinks they can fit it in. Any ship is okay with me but please don’t sacrifice plot for it.

Bonus: crossover ships.

High Score: the line, “I am the shadow on the moon at night!”

This directly follows "A Proper Boogeyman in Halloweentown". It’s also, well, a cover letter. I was more amused by the idea of Pitch applying for the position of Boogeyman rather than being asked to step into it.

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A Proper Boogeyman In Halloweentown (gen)(9/8)


Original Prompt:

Oogie Boogie from nightmare before Christmas and Pitch Black bitching about their respective guardians.

Bonus points if both Jacks crash it and become bffs.

So it turns out that Pitch doesn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Oogie Boogie, but he will allow him to get drunk on his bar tab anyway (he’s got his reasons).

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Fic: The World in a Grain of Sand (Pitch/Sandy, NC17 overall)


As I’ve not been well enough to string two coherent thoughts together, I came up with a plan for another Quicksand Week contribution that wouldn’t require more than one at a time (with thanks to 1sentence on LiveJournal, thismightyneed, and the entire 8000 Blacksand AUs tag for inspiration).

This isn’t quite 8000 AUs, but I’m hoping 60 is enough, and if you think you recognise an AU of yours in here, you are almost certainly right.

Some fluff, some silliness, some violence, some death, some smut and some surrealism can all be found within, and I really, really hope you all enjoy it.

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