A Proper Boogeyman In Halloweentown (gen)(9/8)


Original Prompt:

Oogie Boogie from nightmare before Christmas and Pitch Black bitching about their respective guardians.

Bonus points if both Jacks crash it and become bffs.

So it turns out that Pitch doesn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Oogie Boogie, but he will allow him to get drunk on his bar tab anyway (he’s got his reasons).

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Fic: The World in a Grain of Sand (Pitch/Sandy, NC17 overall)


As I’ve not been well enough to string two coherent thoughts together, I came up with a plan for another Quicksand Week contribution that wouldn’t require more than one at a time (with thanks to 1sentence on LiveJournal, thismightyneed, and the entire 8000 Blacksand AUs tag for inspiration).

This isn’t quite 8000 AUs, but I’m hoping 60 is enough, and if you think you recognise an AU of yours in here, you are almost certainly right.

Some fluff, some silliness, some violence, some death, some smut and some surrealism can all be found within, and I really, really hope you all enjoy it.

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